Tornadoes in North Texas Damage Homes Businesses

Multiple tornadoes hit North Texas late on Nov. 16 and early on Nov. 17, causing property damage.

The National Weather Service says at least five tornadoes touched down in the Pampa, Texas, area Monday night.

Forecasters in Fort Worth says a small tornado touched down before dawn Tuesday in North Texas, in the Keller area. Several homes were damaged but nobody was hurt.

Halliburton officials say no employees were at a chemical facility in the Texas Panhandle when the site was hit by a tornado.

In a statement, Halliburton said its district office near Pampa recently closed and no chemicals or workers were at the location during Monday night’s storm. Halliburton officials are investigating tornado damage to the facility.

The Gray County Sheriff’s Office says two deputies responding to severe weather were exposed to natural gas at the Halliburton complex and were checked by medical personnel at the scene. Both deputies declined to be taken to a hospital.

The sheriff’s office, in a statement, said the deputies were apparently exposed to natural gas before the lines were shut off. No further danger was found at the scene.

Four empty cars on a BNSF Railway freight train derailed near Miami, about 20 miles from Pampa. Nobody was injured. The 87-car train was bound from Kansas to Amarillo.

The Gray County Sheriff’s Office had no reports of anyone hurt in the storms that destroyed at least two homes and damaged several businesses.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch until late Tuesday afternoon for areas of Texas including Houston, Huntsville and Beaumont.

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